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Aztec Inn Nevada, United States

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The Aztec Inn is one of the most classic motel casino properties in all of Las Vegas. Aztec inn has been serving residents and visitors of Las Vegas since 1957. The Inn is located on the northern part of Las Vegas Boulevard directly across the street from the Stratosphere hotel and casino. Aztec Inn is popular for providing its guests with a comfy ‘at home’ feeling.

What to Expect When Staying at the Aztec Inn

The casino and motel, formerly known as Sun N Shine Motel in the 60’s and 70’s, and then later in the 80’s as Sunshine Motel, and in the 90’s as the Mojave Meadow Motel, and finally now as the Aztec Inn, has always thrived from its cozy and relaxed atmosphere. The Aztec Inn has a total of 45 rooms which makes a perfect stay for those who enjoy a not-so-crowded living environment, and more personalized level of guest service.


The Aztec Inn is not what you would think of in regards to a massive casino floor that exploits a tremendous amount of money, but rather only 3,120 square feet of space occupied by 39 classic Las Vegas slot machines. The machines here in this homey Inn offer you more of a private gaming experience without the hassle and headache of tremendous crowds and long lines. The casino area of the Inn also provides guests with a business center and a buffet that has been highly suggested by residents of Las Vegas and travelers from all over the globe.

About the Aztec Inn in Las Vegas

The Aztec Inn is owned by Gerald Brinkman, Paul Kellogg, and Gary Vause. It has been renovated three times since its opening date, once in 1958 then again in 1960. The final renovation to date was made in 1991. The Aztec Inn during the 1990’s was widely known to be an attraction site because of a street performer named Darrin Race. Race was an Elvis impersonator who regularly performed in front of the Aztec Inn.

Reservation Info

Aztec Inn is located on 2200 South Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89102. You can book a room by visiting the official website or by calling them via telephone 24 hours a day at (702) 385-4566. Don’t forget ask about promotions on room rates.

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